Unit 20: Business Health Check - RQF level 5

Credit value: 15

Aim of the Unit

This unit encourages its learners to understand the central focus of a business, attain a skill set to develop strategies, and analyse and advance the skills of the management team and its employees.

Unit Considerations

Learners will be introduced to the methods of conducting a health check for a business. They will research how certain techniques may be utilised to track business progression and potentially change its direction, depending on internal or external business factors.
Issues that will be considered by learners include; business turnover, revenue, marketing, sales, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, quality control of products and services, development of products and overall productivity. Learners will also consider stakeholders’ interests. These stakeholders may include; the business owner, investors, customers, employees and third party suppliers.
The development of learners’ techniques on how to oversee employees and management skills, in addition to encouraging learners to respond proactively to new challenges, is also part of the unit considerations.

Overall, learners must make sure that their evidence is relevant to the hospitality industry.

Outcomes of Learners

After successfully completing this unit, a learner will:

  1. Comprehend the core business focuses.
  2. Have the ability to create business strategies.
  3. Be capable of evaluating and developing the skills of both the management team and their staff.
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