Unit 17: Quality Management in Business - RQF level 5

Credit value: 15

Aim of the Unit

To help students to understand the idea of quality and quality management in addition to defining quality in the business context.

Considerations for the Unit

The term ‘quality’ has a variety of meanings, as a result it can be used in many different contexts so it is not always easy to define what it means. Quality management is the term used to ensure that all processes that are relevant to goods and services being produced, are done to the highest quality standard. Quality control relates to the maintenance of quality standards by supervision, and taking the necessary actions when the quality of the goods and services falls below the standards set out in the beginning of the process. Quality assurance relates to a supplier giving a guarantee on the quality of the goods they are selling, while also allowing their client access during the production of these goods.

Customer satisfaction is the key to quality management, but it also introduces a different idea of quality. For example, customers are evolving to become more sophisticated and more demanding. They now require a premium performance from the goods or services that they purchase, as well as faster responses in terms of customer service.

While the term ‘quality’ can be defined as ‘fitness for purpose’, it also needs to take into account the needs of the end-user i.e. the consumer. It is driven by what the consumer actually wants and what they are willing to pay for it.

Students must make sure that their evidence is relevant to the hospitality industry.

Outcomes for Learners

After successfully completing this unit, a student will:

  1. Comprehend the various approaches to quality management that are relatable to commercial operations.
  2. Be aware of the advantages of quality management within the context of business and services.
  3. Be able to understand a variety of quality controls and how customer service can be improved as a result.
  4. Have the ability to apply quality management principles in order to improve an organisation’s performance.
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