Unit 1: Personal Development as a First Line Manager

QCF Level: 3

Credit value: 6 credits


This unit is about personal development and planning, work planning, relationship building and team welfare.

Unit abstract

This unit will expect you to identify the links between organisational objectives and personal development objectives by constructing a personal development plan which meets agreed objectives.

Construct a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which addresses your identified development needs. The headings in your plan should ideally ensure that the development objectives meet SMART criteria and show how you will know from the outcomes whether or not the development activities have been successful.

Identify a range of learning and development opportunities which support the achievement of the personal development plan allowing you to demonstrate that you understand that there are a number of different forms that development activities can take.

Describe the methods or processes available to determine work plan priorities. It could also be useful to have conducted an activity log of how you have used your time over a period of days, and to include in the assignment an analysis of how effectively you think you have actually been working.

This unit also requires you to show an understanding of some of the factors that can derail your best laid work plans, and so require you to build in some room for manoeuvre into your plan. Explain how leadership styles and approaches are used in different situations to encourage productive working relationships. You then need to outline and compare how the use of different leadership styles will affect the outcome of the situation and the ongoing relationship, using well known leadership styles theories. If you do not work as a supervisor or manager, then you need to describe what you think might happen if you used different styles in different situations.

Describe the responsibilities of a first line manager for safeguarding team welfare including a description of your understanding of what the term ‘team welfare’ actually means. This unit will also expect you to go on to explain a first line manager’s responsibilities – including any legal responsibilities.

Explain how risks that can affect team welfare are identified and monitored, this could include how you would conduct a risk assessment for your work area and determine the level and likelihood of the risks. Describe the actions to be taken after identifying a risk to team welfare.

Learning Outcomes

To achieve this unit a learner must:

  1. Be able to develop and use a personal development plan
  2. Understand how to plan and manage work
  3. Understand how to develop and maintain effective working relationships to achieve objectives
  4. Be able to safeguard the welfare of the team in the working environment
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