Unit 2: Improving Team Performance

QCF Level: 3

Credit Value: 7 credits

Unit Aim

This unit is about the impact of individual’s performance on teams, recognising performance behaviours and implementing improvement measures

Learning Outcome

1. Be able to identify issues which affect performance

Assessment Criteria

1.1 Describe the manager’s role in identifying performance issues in the team
1.2 Describe how to evaluate individual and team performance and behaviours
1.3 Identify the limits of responsibility for dealing with individual and team performance

Learning Outcome

2. Know how to select and apply the best course of action to address a performance issue

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Identify the range of approaches available
2.2 Describe the different methods available in providing help and support in order to improve performance of an individual
2.3 Explain how to conduct a performance counselling session for an individual
2.4 Explain the importance of maintaining confidentiality

Learning Outcome

3. Be able to take action to achieve the performance issue of an individual

Assessment Criteria

3.1 Agree with a team member an action plan to address a performance issue
3.2 Explain the range of support services available
3.3 Explain how to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved
3.4 Explain the circumstances when disciplinary and grievance procedures may be invoked
3.5 Explain the first line manager’s role in a disciplinary and grievance situation
3.6 Identify why records of action plan achievements and actions taken are required

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