Unit 7 Negotiation and Influencing in the Workplace

QCF Level 4

Credit value: 5 credits

Unit Aim

The aim of this unit is to give learners knowledge and understanding of the process negotiation and how to use negotiation techniques.

Learning Outcome

1. Understand the process of negotiation

Assessment Criteria

1.1 Assess the stages of the negotiation process
1.2 Evaluate factors which must be taken into account before commencing negotiations
1.3 Analyse the influence of context on the process of negotiation

Learning Outcome

2. Understand how to use negotiation techniques

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Analyse when different influencing and negotiating techniques might be used
2.2 Assess the use of power to influence internal and external negotiations
2.3 Explain how to overcome barriers in negotiation
2.4 Describe how to reduce resistance and minimise conflict to achieve a  win-win situation in the workplace during negotiations
2.5 Explain why a win-win situation is more effective than other negotiation positions

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