Unit 4 Principles of Operational Planning

QCF Level 4

Credit value: 15 credits

Unit Aim

The aim of this unit is to give learners knowledge and understanding of the principles of operational planning.

Learning Outcome

1. Understand the activities that make up operations management

Assessment Criteria

1.1 Outline the main types of operations found within business
1.2 Explain how all operational activities can be represented as systems
1.3 Analyse the characteristics which differentiate operational systems

Learning Outcome

2. Understand the relationship between operations and business performance

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Describe how the operations function supports business performance
2.2 Identify the main internal measures of success used by business
2.3 Evaluate how internal measures of success link to business objectives

Learning Outcome

3. Understand the importance of administration in operations management

Assessment Criteria

3.1 Analyse the relationship between operations and administrative management
3.2 Critically compare the process and functional approaches to operations management
3.3 Analyse the relationship between operations and the supply chain
3.4 Explain the link between operations and quality management


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