Unit 1 Business Administration

QCF Level: 4

Credit value: 4 credits

Unit Aim

The aim of the unit is to give learners an understanding of administrative systems in organisations and the contribution of systems thinking to efficient administrative performance. There is a focus on understanding how the role and function of policies and procedures enable organisations to meet customer requirements.

Learning Outcome

1. Be able to understand administrative systems


Assessment Criteria

1.1 Explain the features of administrative systems used in different types and sizes of organisation

1.2 Explain how organisations manage the flow of information

1.3 Evaluate the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in supporting administration

Learning Outcome

2. Understand how systems thinking affects the administrative performance of organisations

Assessment Criteria

Explain the stages of systems development

2.2 Explain the contribution of systems thinking to efficient administrative performance

2.3 Analyse the drawbacks to systems thinking in an organisational context

2.4 Evaluate the benefits of implementing systems change

Learning Outcome

3. Understand the role of policies and procedures in meeting customer requirements

Assessment Criteria

3.1 Explain the difference between administrative policies and procedures

3.2 Analyse the purpose of formal and informal administrative policies and procedures

3.3 Analyse methods for evaluating the effectiveness of procedures

3.4 Analyse the relationship between formulating policy and preparing procedures

3.5 Analyse how to ensure the procedures meet customer requirements

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