Unit 6 Managing a Successful Project

Managing a Successful Business Project

Unit Aim

The aim of this unit is to offer students an opportunity to demonstrate the skills required for managing and implementing a project. They will undertake independent research and investigation for carrying out and executing a business project which meets appropriate business aims and objectives.

Learning Outcome

1. Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme and conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project

Assessment criteria

1.1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario

1.2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources

1.3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion

1.4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives

Learning Outcome

2. Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analyses and reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

2.2 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions

2.3 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance

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