Unit 39 Sales Management

Sales Management

Unit Aim

This unit introduces students to the discipline of sales management for the 21st century.

Learning Outcome

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of sales management, evaluate the relative merits of how sales structures are organised, and recognise the importance of ’selling through others’ and analyse and apply principles of successful selling.

Assessment criteria

1.1 Explain the key principles of sales management in relation to the importance of sales planning, methods of selling and sale reporting.

1.2 Evaluate the benefits of sales structures and how they are organised using specific organisational examples.

1.3 Explain the importance and the advantages of the concept of ‘selling through’ others.

1.4 Analyse the key principles and techniques for successful selling and how they contribute to building and managing customer relationships in application to specific organisational examples.

Learning Outcome

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the finance of selling.

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Explain the importance of developing sales strategies that yield highest profitability and incorporating account management within sales structures.


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