RQF Level 5

Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success

Unit aim

1. Understand approaches to developing, managing and leading teams

Assessment criteria

1.1 Evaluate the use of theoretical models for developing, managing and leading teams

1.2 Discuss practical approaches for effective team management and leadership

1.3 Analyse strategies for managing team leaders

1.4 Develop approaches to respond to the challenges of managing and leading multiple and remote teams

Unit aim

2. Understand approaches to achieving a balance of skills and experience in teams

Assessment criteria

2.1 Evaluate techniques for assessing current and future team capabilities and requirements

2.2 Analyse a process for recruiting team members

2.3 Assess the factors which impact on the selection of learning and development activities for individuals
and teams

2.4 Examine the use of coaching and mentoring models to support team development

Unit aim

3. Know techniques for leading individuals and teams to achieve success

Assessment criteria

3.1 Discuss methods used to monitor and manage individual and team performance

3.2 Evaluate good practice for enabling and supporting high performing teams

3.3 Analyse motivational techniques used to create high performing teams


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