Managing Change

RQF level 5

Unit aim

1. Understand the reasons for change in organisations

Assessment criteria

1.1 Analyse the environmental factors which influence change in organisations

1.2 Analyse the internal factors that drive the need for change in organisations

1.3 Examine the potential impact of change in organisations

Unit aim

2. Understand approaches to change management

Assessment criteria

2.1 Evaluate models of change management

2.2 Analyse the role of leadership in gaining the commitment of others to change

2.3 Specify reasons for engaging with stakeholders throughout the change management process

Unit aim

3. Understand how to initiate, plan and manage change in an organisation

Assessment criteria

3.1 Specify the rationale for initiating change within an organisation

3.2 Develop a plan for change within an organisation

3.3 Examine tools for implementing and monitoring change

3.4 Recommend approaches to overcome risks and barriers to change

3.5 Develop strategies for communicating planned change to stakeholders

3.6 Assess practical methods to support individuals throughout the change management process

3.7 Analyse methods for monitoring and measuring the impact of planned change

3.8 Discuss approaches to embed and sustain planned change in an organisation

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