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Unit 2: Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

QCF Level: 7

Credit value: 10 credits


This unit provides the learner with an understanding of the links between strategic management, leadership and organisational direction, and the skills to be able to apply this understanding.

Unit abstract

The main aim of this unit is to investigate how current thinking on leadership influences an organisation's planning to meet current and future leadership requirements. Learners will gain an insight into the current thinking on leadership from an organisational perspective. They will examine the links between strategic management and leadership, particularly the skills a leader needs to support organisational direction. The unit will help learners understand the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions in differing situations, through examining the competences and styles of successful leaders.

Applying management and leadership theories and models to specific situations will enable learners to assess their impact on organisational strategy. The unit will draw on a selection of established principles, including the influence of emotional intelligence on leadership effectiveness. This will enable learners to assess how organisations can plan to meet current and future leadership requirements.

This unit gives an organisational perspective, but it offers learners an insight into how it can contribute to development of their strategic management and leadership skills through assessing requirements for their current or future job roles and measuring these against relevant National Occupational Standards. Learners will develop analytical and long-term planning skills through the use of case studies and research.

Finally, this unit will enable learners to research a range of management and leadership development methods and evaluate their in meeting the skills requirements for effective leadership.

Learning Outcomes

To achieve this unit a learner must:

1   Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

2   Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organisational direction

3   Be able to assess leadership requirements

4   Be able to plan the development of leadership skills.

Accredited by:

  • BTEC Edexcel approved education centre
  • This course is accredited by Edexcel BTEC